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Magnetic Separators

Lasting and Electromagnetic Magnetic Separators from us are accessible in a mixture of designs. Whether your item is gravity encouraged through funnels and chutes, approximately transported on transports and/or pumped through pipelines, we have all types of magnetic separator solutions. Materials, for example, nails, rust, scale, jolts, welding poles and different contaminants are no match for our separators.
Changeless Magnetic Separators work with no electric force. They can endure forever with next to no loss of field quality, roughly 1/10 of 1% for every year. Eriez makes Permanent Magnetic Separators utilizing artistic or Rare Earth material for expanded quality and broadened magnet life.
As recognized as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier, most big modern division employments, rely on our Separators. These units utilization wire curls and direct streams to give an attractive field that isolates ferrous material from nonferrous item. The effective and dependable separators are basically utilized as a part of coal, limestone, sand and different totals applications.


  • The product is a solution to every process application
  • The product is available in variety of designs
  • It is applicable in various of industries
Bin Vibrator
Bin Vibrator
BV 20
Type : Washer
Material : Stainless Steel
Processing Type : Standard
Condition : New
Shape : Circular
Price : 50000 INR
Excavator Magnet
Excavator Magnet
EM 22
scrabe lifting magnet
Price Range : 1000000.00 - 800000.00 INR